Youth Backcountry Program

Share your love of backcountry skiing with the next generation!  

Even wanted to ski down a mountain that doesn't have a lift with your family? Brown Mtn? Shasta? McLoughlin? Crater Lake? Or just have the mountain to yourself in the preseason, postseason, or when the mountain is closed?   This is your answer.  

This first year, we are planning on hosting a few clinics at Mt. Ashland with our Contour Startup sets.  These bindings let you click into your normal skis and use your everyday skis as a backcountry set up.  We plan to stay on the resort boundary area 

Our goal is to show how to get kids safely into the backcountry, teach proper skin track etiquette, share the freedom of the hills, and carve fresh tracks with friends.

We will have Contour set ups for you to use (thanks to the program sponsor Cascadia Prime).  If you already have a set up for your child even better. These clinics will be free, the reward will be witnessing a gaggle of kids skinning up the hill and charging down with smiling faces.  



If you are interested in these clinics for your child or just want to volunteer, please fill out the google form below.  And you will be added to the email list.  


Currently, we plan on hosting the clinics on Wednesdays when the conditions are good. We'll be emailing you on Mon or Tues to make sure conditions look ok to hold these clinics. The mountain is closed on Tues and Weds and the Ashland School District gets out early from school. We'll start around 3:00 pm and end around 4:30 pm. Eventually we'd love to host a few sessions on the weekend and venture off into the backcountry.  

Any questions? - email me at

Youth Program Sponsor

The future of the sport is in the hands of the youth.  We believe we can safely introduce this amazing sport to the next generation and our goal for this year is to create more opportunities for kids to get together and backcountry ski together!  With the help of Cascadia Prime, we are starting up the Mt Ashland Youth SkiMo program.  

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First Youth Clinic!