Mon Night SkiMo

For the locals who can make it, we're planning on keeping our Mon nights going on the hill.  Think of these as group runs.  Informal, pace is however fast you want to go.  We do NOT stick together as a group, but we'll be sure you get off the hill safely.  Even if you don't skin with someone, it's really cool to see lights all over the mountain.  

If you are interested, get on our list by filling out the form below.  We try to do our best to stick to Mon at 6:15 pm, but sometimes we may switch it up to Tues or go earlier or later, and we'll be sure to email you to let you know.  

We have a few routes we do, but they usually follow the standard skin track (up Falstaff): down to the bottom of Aerial Chair, skin up Caliban, down to the bottom of Windsor Chair, then skin up to the parking lot. There's lots of options for the descent.  We won't leave until everyone is back at the car, unless we get a text or know beforehand that you are going to stay out later.