Can I splitboard?

  • Yes, you can telemark, AT, splitboard, splitmonoski, whatever you want, but skins are required for the race. No snowshoes or lightweight nordic equipment allowed. You may be in the "heavy metal" category along with other skiers with heavier gear (single ski + binding weight >1450 g). With enough splitboarders, we'll have their own category.

What gear is required?

Where does the Mt Ashland Skimo Summit start and end?

  • The race starts in front of the parking lot and will finish near by at the Mt Ashland Ski Area lodge.

Will there be aid stations along the routes?

  • No, there will be volunteers at the transitions checking you in and out. They'll also have radios in case of emergency. But you should be self-sufficient. You are on your own for this race. Bring enough water, food, and clothing for the entirety of the race.

Will the courses be well marked?

  • Yes, the course will be fully marked to USSMA standards with green flagging on the ascents, red flagging on the descents, yellow flagging for the bootpack, and blue marking for transitions.

Do I need a parking permit?

  • Yes, you'll need an Oregon Sno-Park Permit to park at Mt. Ashland. There are vendors at the lot selling daily permits for 4$ or get an Annual Sno-Park Permit for 25$.

Are lift tickets required to participate in the races?

  • yes, but Mt. Ashland Ski Area is including a free day pass with your ticket, so you are all set if you don't have a season pass.

What happens if it’s a stormy day?

  • the race may be delayed, the course may be modified, or (hopefully not) cancelled depending on the weather.

Any transportation options for the racers?

  • Yes! We'll have a 5:45 am shuttle departing from Ashland Hills Inn

Where can I transition?

  • We will have a designated transition area where you'll skin on/off/put skis on your backpack to boot. You will not be allowed to transition outside of this area.

Will there be an awards ceremony?

  • Yes! Our cutoff for the race is 7 hours. So we'll start the awards ceremony at 2:30 pm. We are still working on awards, but these will be announced as we sort through the details with the sponsors.

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