The Mt Ashland Skimo Summit is an event that could not take place without a strong volunteer presence. Below you can read about some of the specific roles we need to fill and a form you can fill out if you are interested in participating as a volunteer.

We have volunteer roles that will still allow you to compete in our race. All volunteers will receive a 50% off discount to our future races. If you helped us out, please email us to receive your discount code! info@mtashlandskimo.com

Transition Zone Captain: Each transition zone will have one or more people there, checking bib numbers, making sure racers are following rules, and communicating with race HQ in the event there are issues or emergencies. All transition zone captains will need to be able to ski tour to their transition locations, many of which are at one or more 1,000ft climb away from the Mt Ashland Ski Area Lodge.

Race Check In: We need 2-3 people to help with race morning set up. This will require an early arrival at the ski resort. We’ll be needing help with passing out race bibs, setting up finish/start lines and helping to direct racers. People volunteering in this role will be able to race.

Course Setting/Marking: This will entail carrying flagging, paint, tape, etc. along the courses and marking the route. This job requires strong skiing ability and will require some on the job training as well. In an ideal world we’ll mark the course the day before. In very stormy weather we may need to mark/set the course very early (in the dark!) the morning of the race.

Finish Line: We’ll need help managing racers at the finish line, checking bib numbers, and inputting data into the timing software.

Post race take down: We’ll need some help tearing down the start/finish line, moving equipment, etc. This is a job which would allow you to participate in one of the races if you chose to.

Course Unmarking: This entails skiing the race courses later in the afternoon or the following day to take down all of the course marking material. This job requires strong skiing ability. You can participate in one of the races and still do this job. It's a good cool down!

Volunteer positions are subject to availability. Fill out the volunteer request form and we’ll be in touch with you about timing, roles, and where we can fit you in!

Your race directors,

Yu Kuwabara & Ryan Ghelfi