Why SkiMo?

Some folks might think it is silly to be skinning up a resort where you can just take the lifts, but for others it is the best of both worlds. You get your cardio workout + no lift lines = ultimate freedom. Backcountry skiing has seen quite a boom within in the ski industry for a few years now and everyone is taking up backcountry skiing. SkiMo (which stands for Ski Mountaineering) has morphed from it's original roots to all about moving fast and light. It's more cardio than your average backcountry outing and ideal cross training for folks who like to trail run or mountain bike in the summer. SkiMo gear shaves down the gear so you can go fast and light. Our race caters to all backcountry enthusiasts, and ultimately we just want folks to get into the mountains and enjoy moving through them, beautifully.

It's becoming quite popular...

Resort Uphilling - great cardio, fun, safe.

Being able to skin in bounds on Mt. Ashland Ski Area is a privilege. Let's abide by the rules and keep it accessible to everyone! Read the Uphill Policy. - https://www.mtashland.com/uphill-use-policy/